A downloadable VRAST for Windows

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It's the "innovative fighting game" where you can fight using the "your VRM model"!

(need uploaded to "VRoid Hub")

VRoid Hub: https://hub.vroid.com/

*** terms of service ***

[posting of videos are OK]
posting of videos that play this game can be used "regardless of whether or not they are monetized".
(The same applies to the use of your model and voice data for promotional purposes)

* However, in either case, please check the "Prohibited" and "Notes" below.

*** Prohibited ***

- Resale and redistribution of the game itself

- Remodeling and data extraction

- Use for crime, discrimination, slander, political and religious activities

- Fake the creator or the person involved in the production

*** Notes ***

- This game is subject to change due to version upgrades. Due to the version upgrade, the previous model and voice data may not be available. Please be careful when selling models and audio data in a form that claims to be usable in this game.

- If you encounter "copyright trouble" using a model, the responsibility lies with "the person who registered the model in VRoid Hub". Keep this in mind when using your own registered model.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
GenreFighting, Action
TagsUnity, Violent, vrast, vrm, vroid


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Is it okay that you’ll add a training mode and have full screen for the next update?

There is no training mode. If you press the "1" and "2" keys at the same time during battle, the gauge will be reset to full, so try using this.

Try Alt+Enter for full screen.

whare is a buy there old version?

There is no way to obtain older versions now.

 (If you ok, could you tell me why you want it?)

I enjoy this game so much that I want to enjoy the older version as well. Because it's so fun to explore the creator's process of making it. For reference, I also purchased the paid version of the creator's BOOTH!


is there a way to multiplayer play with someone via internet battle? like send a battle request to a friend?

Nope i recommend remote play


how do you send a remote play of the game?


Do you know a tool called "Parsec"? If you look into this, might find out something.

I would definitely be interested to see more. This is such a great idea.

Thank you for providing this and it is great to see that so many people are willing to help.


I would like to add a Win pose similar to Kazuya in Tekken that holds the loser's neck up.

One of the characters moves basically has that

If you need help creating 3d backgrounds I'm here! I'm super interested in this since I'm making the entire cast from my webcomic via vroid and blender to do scene animations. My friend and I wanted to do a fighting game so this is is so freaking cool. 

online mode + better combo capability 

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Not opening/starting to run

Already used compability mode BTW

If it is about graphics I use NVIDIA GeForce 210

The problem is the GT 210. It performs worse than second gen Intel HD Graphics.


Any new updates on the horizon? What would it take to add a level?

a fight style that’s like Kuma from tekken would be cool too

I have a suggestion.

Tag team mode and intro animations for the teams.


Just came across your game, really enjoy it! 

May I also humbly request for a character like Chun-Li from street fighter next? That would be awesome! 

if someone makes a chun-li in vroid hub you can use it.

Lag 😒

Uncommented gameplay!

I do wish I could import my model without using VRoid.

It's only VRoid Hub. The Hub accepts anything as long as it's in a .vrm format

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this is epic, successfully imported my vrm model, a custom background stage feature would be epic!

I can't move anything with keyboard or even
Controller isn't working. What's wrong?

Hello, I'd like to ask about an issue currently with my VRAST.
The game won't even load when I select my character in the hub part. How can I fix this? Thank in advance.

really enjoy your game! Thanks for making this.

Love this game but can you make idle animations loop endlessly? Characters freeze after about 5 seconds of standing still.

Will there be more Combo Links and OTG(Off The Gound) Set ups?

Also when is the Type: Boss MoveSet Lol Kidding. I wish this game got more Push in the Vroid Community, it's like I am playing M.U.G.E.N All over again 

I love this game too!!!

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is their any 

controller support?

Assuming an XBOX controller. I think other controllers will work if they support "XInput".

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None of my "liked" characters are showing up in the game, only the ones I uploaded. Is this a bug?

the characters liked on the website ready carefully because some creators don't agree with the violence 

9 months later only certain characters are suppored due to graphic some model dont support violence

Ah I see, thanks.

Should add a fighting style like kokone from blazblue


This is an incredible game, but would it be possible to add a green screen stage? The animations in this game could be easily turned into sprites for games such as MUGEN, if people are interested in turning their VRoid models into characters on that.


good idea